My Story

If you are reading this, you are either intending to push an actual person out of your body, or you know someone who is.


It's no surprise that the vagina may feel a little different afterwards... But don't worry, it will go back to normal.  It's been made to do this. You will return, triumphant, ready and willing to do the same thing all over again sometime.


I know this because I've pushed five small humans out of my body (that's one of them on this page). My first when I was 18 years old, my most recent at 44. Some took more effort than others. Some did more damage. But despite this, my vagina is ok!


Over the years, after each child, people shared tips and tricks that helped provide comfort and promote healing. As a graduate biochemist and a practicing nurse, I explored the science and research behind the suggestions. And now I've put the best ones together in a kit. my v kit®. V for vulva...vagina...Victoria (if you think I'm that self-obsessed!) - my v kit®.